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Orchestre Celesti

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The Round Robins Band is the brand new band founded by Federico Fantacone, click and follow!


You are on the Orchestre Celesti website: independent, instrumental, Italian progressive rock project, created by Federico Fantacone, keyboardist and producer, in 2007.

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Cornwall ! The brand new Orchestre Celesti album

Release date 

The virtual band

January 8th 2024

*Edoarda Blond Bass Ricca, Modo’s Way Electric Bass
*Tano The Slate Neffe, Midi Drums
*The mysterious VST player, 2nd keyboardist


Integrating jazz, prog, and folk for “telling ” stories and legends of Cornwall: tales of freedom, epic battles and sieges, heroes and heroines, Phoenician and Celtic ancestry, hard work in the mine, but also beautiful romantic literature.
Dominant instruments: Bagpipes, Canterbury organ, Harp, Harmonium, rare Flutes, Pianos. Once again, a completely different concept and sound than the previous album “Anarchy”: here the idea was to have a contemporary jazz quartet playing together with a folk ensemble influenced by the Canterbury sound…

Cover RouteNote 3000x3000.jpg
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7. The Big Carrot2 1500x1500.jpg

Previously released album, titled "Anarchy", March 1st 2022!


Comments from Bandcamp:

"Stunning, a Masterpiece. This is what would have happened if Keith Emerson and Herbie Hancock had a baby"


Listen here:


REVIEW from Progressive Rock Journal: click to open



The 28'- minute Phygital Simphony closed between two less than 3'-minute microprog tracks of pure Moog violence.

Finally, a quartetto of liquid ambient pieces, a deserved rest. This is ContraXt, album n°8, released 2020

The 7th OC ALBUM, "THE BIG CARROT" (and misuse of it): read this NICE REVIEW!
From Progarchives (April 14th 2017):
Nearly impossible to categorise this type of music, Orchestre Celesti (aka Federico Fantacone) go on an experimental free-improvisation ride on this ironically-named seventh release of theirs...this is a rather pleasant and intriguing release that would satisfy the more adventure-seeking proggers that love instrumental prog"

TCOM vol. 1 reviewed by DPRP, 2015 april 4th:

...9 wonderful melodic songs... Not a dull moment, not one bad track can be found on The Court Of Miracles and even the two cover songs stand up remarkably good. Both the soloing on the piano for Hiroshima Mon Amour and the wonderful arrangement of the old Beatles song Tomorrow Never Knows are absolutely brilliant...This is fresh and modern and uplifting and weird and, above all, great music. OC has the ability to change tempo's and throw in great effects, making it seem very effortlessly in doing so and thus building an album that is a treat for one's ears...

Orchestre Celesti 5th album cover: Sergio Gatta, Omaggio a Magritte, Zolla volante (Castello di Montalto) - Olio su tela

Cover BY Sergio Gatta, from L'isola dei Morti-Oil on canvas





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